• Business Plan

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Startup

  • ERP Management System for any type of business

  • Apps

  • Multilevel Company Adaptation, Configuration & System Automation

For your existing company or your plan to-build company

Strategy is our base line, we have numerous ways to provide solution to you

From building a new sector, acquiring new clients to building new and profitable companies or projects. Most of our clients rely on our market expertise to make a difference in the market. Imagine if you have on the paper your dream company, we will build the solid structure with you, planning ahead all steps with a well structured business plan, analising the market and providing even network and partnership with people that might boost your dream company up. Instead of doing all the hard work, also we provide automation for almost everything, with automated online payments, shipping, apps, controlling systems, all you will have to do is analise all data and stir your business to the path of success.

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"If you want to be big,
a nice cup of coffee with the correct people is the first step."

What do we do?

Provide a Solution! • If you are building a new company we have the first steps.
• If you are building a new sector, we can search for the correct person, system and structure.
• If you are building a project, we can provide the app, automation or any system needs to make everything possible.

Why the name 2U?

The 2 letters represent the words "to you" and " U U " They have the meaning of doing something Unique and Universal, specific to the company's needs. Currently as a customer, we come across many companies that sell something ready-made... changing only a few colors and without the possibility of innovating.
Not just for systems, but for companies as well. We saw startups with plans that were made for many other companies, and were not something exclusive for them. These kind of treatment made us build this company to really make a difference.
Unlike them, our company creates the solution for you. We'll designe together how it will behave, how it will bring a return expected for you and we train in how to conduct it in the best possible way following every good guidelines techniques.

When anybody asks us that we respond:

  • We are not afraid to share. If in any time of our meticulous job we need a partner, investor or someone to audit, we will put this person in touch with the business owner without hesitation
  • Customization to the customer's taste. Everything should and will be changed to the changed up to the clients taste.
  • Cutting-edge technology. We have over 25 employees at the technology sector, all with bachelors degree and up, in Computer Engineering to provide the best solution in the fastest time
  • Best customer experience
  • Unparalleled design at no additional cost
  • Best market price

  • Business Plan
  • Business Strategy
  • Talent Search
  • Partners/Investor Connections
  • Marketing Plan
  • Measuring Results
  • Multilevel/Referral Adaptation
  • Referral Comission Creation
  • Cost Plan
  • Emergency/Contingecy Plan
  • PDCA/SWOT Analysis

  • E-Commerces
  • Websites (with area to change all content, photos and videos)
  • Complete Systems (Financial Management, Cash, HR, Administrative, Inventory .. all areas of your company)
  • Mobile apps or adaptation of websites to do the same
  • Multilevel System with network management
  • Auction systems ( penny auction, regular auction, customized rule auction )
  • Market Place
  • Colective Market
  • HR Control System
  • Inventory Control
  • DataBase and Information Control
  • BI
  • Office Control System

No, we don't. Everything we made were created by our knowledge and effort. That makes us different from our competitors.

Personalization is our strength because we always do everything from scratch. We are always open-minded to create something new with our customers. It is really gratifying to see a product of ours being used 100%. And we always expect new challenges, always with new challenges comes new customers/friends and new evolution for our employees. So far, we have no customers complaints ;)

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